Here you have a list of tools and utils that may help you in your integration with Paga + Tarde.


In Paga + Tarde we have designed a tool for your website with which your customers can easily simulate a financing that suits them.

How to put our price simulator in your website

Our simulation tool is developed in Javascript so you only have to include our Javascript Client SDK library into your website and embed a small block of code on your product page. It's easy!

Now we're going to generate and personalize a real example of it, let's go!

Enter your Public Key

Once you have the simulator with the look you want, you only need to change the amount (itemAmount) for the price of your product in your store, using the variables provided by your e-comerce.

Credit Cards

To make test sales in the test environment, you must use any of the two cards - one Mastercard and another Visa - that we have available for this task. So there will be no real charges.

Number Type Date of Expiry CVV2
5540500001000004 Mastercard 12 / Current year 989
4507670001000009 Visa 12 / Current year 989

The expiration date must be December of the current year. That is, during 2018 it will be 12/18, in 2019 it will be 12/19 and so on.

Landing Page

If you want to show more information about us and how Paga + Tarde works, you can use our descriptive Landing page.

We provided you an easy way to show it in a modal window embedding this code in your site.

Enter your Public Key

For example you can view it using our Javascript SDK modal window, just append it in your site:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

And launch it from an HTML link or button (may be you can use our Logos and Banners):

<a href="'', {'closeConfirmationMessage': null, 'largeSize': true});">Landing page</a>

You can link or redirect to our website in this URL:

Or you can just add an iFrame in the content:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

Also you can download our landing page site and customize it as you wish.

Here you have a Zip file with all the content. Download now!

Logos and Banners

Our banners and stamps are designed to give visibility to Paga + Tarde within your website. You will find different banner designs, each one of them highlights one of the most relevant advantages of this financing method. We have different formats in each design so you can choose the one that best fits your eCommerce. The stamps can be used on top of your own images or banners to add extra information in an easy and visual way.

Click on the design you prefer to download all sizes of banners and stamps available:

Proceso 100% online
Financiación hasta 6 cuotas
Financiación hasta 12 cuotas
Compra ahora, Pagantis
Financiación 1000€ sin intereses
Proceso sin papeleos
Financiación sin intereses
Banners animados
Financiación hasta 4 cuotas
Sellos Paga + Tarde