First steps

You need an account in our platform, if you don't have one yet, please create one by clicking here:
Merchant Backoffice

System requirements

Our payment module works with the Virtuemart 3 version and with Joomla 2.5

Installation and configuration

To include Pagantis in your e-commerce you need to follow the next steps

Download the module

Please download our latest version of the payment module from our official repository in GitHub:

Upload the files

To install our payment module, you have to access the administration panel of your Joomla and access the “Extensions”> “Extension Manager” menu.
In this menu, in the “Install” tab, you can upload the module (zip file).

Configure the module

Once the module is uploaded, it will appear in the list of installed extensions.
You can check the extensions in the “Extensions”> “Extension Manager” menu, in the “Manage” tab. To locate the module quickly you can use the filter with the word “pay”.
You have to activate the module by clicking the “status” icon or selecting the module and choosing the enable option.

When the module is active you can see the green tick icon in the Status column of the module. In this moment we can go to the VirtueMart configuration.

In the VirtueMart configuration panel, we have to go to the menu "shop"> "payment methods"

Now we have to click on the “New” button to add the Pagantis. We have to fill in the 2 tabs that the system require you:

Payment Method Information - Payment Name: the name that will appear to the customer as a payment method. - Payment Description: the description of the payment method shown to the customer - Payment Method: In this selection box you have to select Pagamastarde. - List Order: you can put the priority number in which the payment method will appear (0 for the first position, 1 the second and so on) The other fields can be left blank.

With the configuration shown in this example image, the client would see the following:

In the second configuration tab of the payment method, "Configuration", you have to put the Pagantis credentials, which you will find in our Backoffice.

Once filled in the fields we can click on “save and close” and the module will be available for use.

Fields detail

  • TEST customer code: Test account code.
  • TEST customer password: Signing password for the account Test.
  • REAL customer code: Real account code.
  • REAL customer key: Real account signature key.
  • Environment:
    • Yes: Test data entered to then, and therefore purchases do not occur from Real form and no charges are made on the credit card. It is only used to check the good module operation after installation.
    • No: Purchases are charged to the credit card used and all payments are processed.
  • Discount - assume commissions:
    • Yes: The amount of the commission is assumed by the customer
    • No: The amount of the commission is assumed by the merchant.