First steps

You need an account in our platform, if you don't have one yet, please create one by clicking here:
Merchant Backoffice

Installation and configuration

To include Pagantis in your e-commerce you need to follow the next steps

Add the gateway

First of all you have to open the installation link of Pagantis:

Log in with your shop credentials to confirm the installation.

Enable and config

Once is installed you have to access the Settings section of your shop BackOffice

Then click into the Payment Providers option

And select the Alternative payment methods item

Here now you can find the Pagantis method, click on it and enter the configuration panel

Here you can configure your pagantis credentials and the accepted payments methods

Once you set the keys confirm it clicking "Activate Pagantis" button.

Add our simulator to product page.

To insert our simulator inside your product page, we have created a guide. This guide contains the steps to do to implement it
English version
Spanish version

Paga + Tarde

Also you can install Paga + Tarde gateway, is exactly the same but with the Paga + Tarde Logo. Here you have the link: