First steps

You need an account in our platform, if you don't have one yet, please create one by clicking here:
Merchant Backoffice

Installation and configuration

Paga + Tarde uses the sim protocol to provide the ecwid payment method.

To activate the payment method, you have to access your ecwid administration panel, menu "Settings"> "Payment".

Locate the "Credit card" option in the list of payment methods, and click "Change" in the "Payment Processor" column.

Select the option of “Credit card: Authorize.Net SIM” and then click on Apply.

Once you have selected this payment method, click on “Account details”.

In this screen you have to enter the following data: API Login Id: your public key, followed by the @ symbol and the private key.

Example: If your public key is: tk_fe1de2f4f0bfd6174f3d11a3 and ty private key is: 7f9e2daee0865197 The value to be entered in this field is:


Transaction Key: your private key
MD5 Hash Value: must be entered: 1234567890
Transaction Type: Authorize and Capture
We also have to click on “Advanced settings” and change the “Endpoint URL” to:

Once the values are filled in you can click on save.

Now you can click on “Enable” to activate the payment method and change in the name of the payment method. Our recommendation is to put a text similar to:

Financing with Paga+Tarde

The method is already configured to be used, but before you can make any transaction, you have to contact our integrations team ( to indicate your url and they will activate your account to be used with ecwid.

To enter real mode, you simply have to configure the payment method with the real keys.