First steps

You need an account in our platform, if you don't have one yet, please create one by clicking here:
Merchant Backoffice

Installation and configuration

To include Pagantis in your e-commerce you need to follow the next steps

Download the module

Please download our latest version of the payment module from our official repository in GitHub:

Upload the files

To install Pagantis module in X-Cart, you have to upload it by accessing the administration panel of your X-Cart installation, “Modules” menu and using the “upload add-on” button.

Once the module is uploaded, x-cart will clear the cache automatically.

Install the module

To install Pagantis module in CS-Cart, you have to upload it by accessing the administration panel of your CS-Cart installation, Add-ons menu -> Manage Add-ons and pressing the “Upload & install add-on ”shown with the "+" symbol:

Once uploaded, we can see the module in the list:

Configure the module

Now we have to change the status to Active to be able to use the module and then go to the Administration -> Payment Methods menu, where we have to add the new payment method using the “Add payment method” button.

In this menu you have to select as option “Processor” to Paga + Tarde, and put the name and descriptions you want, such as “Paga + Tarde” or “pay in installments”, and so on.

Once this screen is filled in, we have to select the “configure” tab where we are going to enter our account information

Configure the account code and the signature key with the information you will find in Merchant BackOffice in the section
Your account > Store details.
Keep in mind that to make real collections you must activate your account first. Once completed, you can use Pagantis to accept payments. Note that the payment method appears as active in the list of payment methods:

Fields detail

  • TEST customer code: Test account code.
  • TEST customer password: Signing password for the account Test.
  • REAL customer code: Real account code.
  • REAL customer key: Real account signature key.
  • Test/Live mode::
    • Yes: Test data entered to then, and therefore purchases do not occur from Real form and no charges are made on the credit card. It is only used to check the good module operation after installation.
    • No: Purchases are charged to the credit card used and all payments are processed.
  • Discount - assume commissions:
    • Yes: The amount of the commission is assumed by the customer
    • No: The amount of the commission is assumed by the merchant.