The easiest way to include Pagantis in your shop is using our modules, especially for non expert users.

Using our modules you can config how the module is going to be embedded in your site: Appearance and functioning.

To include the module, you only need to know which e-commerce is being using your side and choose it in the menu below.



Magento 1.x

Magento 2.x



Zen Cart

Virtue Mart

Open Cart

Drupal Commerce


CS Cart



We are available not only via API or via e-commerce module but still you can find us in several e-commerce platforms. If you use one of this platforms you can find us as an extension or a payment gateway depending on the platform. Please get back to the market place of your store to find the integration.


VTEX is a multi-tenant single-instance platform that uses a cloud infrastructure as a service as a unique ecommerce solution that provides auto-scaling elastic capabilities to respond to market changes and customer demands in real-time.

TLG Commerce

LogiCommerce is a Cloud SaaS Platform for eCommerce with high efficiency and total scalability perfect for growth on your B2B or B2C business.


Shopforever is a service in the cloud to help you create your e-commerce. You pay a fixed price for the hosting. Our e-commerce plan is unique. No products limit. You can also subscribe to many other services, SEO, Social Design, etc...